What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services is a tool that helps your business get more out of every printed page. Too often businesses don’t take into account the impact that unmanaged printing can have not only on productivity, but also on their bottom line. MPS helps businesses identify problem areas in their existing printing process, reports on printing usage throughout an organization and helps to create an action plan that will help business owners reduce printing expenditure by up to 30% Managed Print Services also helps you to best utilize existing printing equipment, automate supply ordering, setup printing permissions and more to take your savings to the next level.

How does FMAudit work?

It’s simple. Americom will install a Data Collection Service onto your existing network. Within minutes the DCS will begin pulling detailed information from the networked devices in use. Powerful analytical tools then translate the data into useful reports and begin providing you with your unique combination of services.

Featured Services

  • Data Collection – Intelligent & secure data collection of your printers. Benefits include automated meter reads, device statuses, intelligent reporting and usage tracking. Necessary data is reported directly to your supply/service provider, and allows device users full access for cost assessment and fleet management.
  • Supply Management – Supply monitoring alerts you of auto shipping of replacement cartridges, drum and fusers. Our exclusive algorithms analyze a set of variables to determine the days of consumables remaining; not the general percentages of depletion which don’t take into account usage patterns.
  • Service Monitoring  Service Monitoring proactively notifies your service provider when your device needs service. It determines errors which require immediate attention by a service technician, errors that need to be watched closely, and which errors are able to be cleared by the device operator.
  • Supply Routing – The right consumable to the right device every time. A detailed label is placed on any automatically generated order. The label includes specific device location, serial number, manufacturer model number, ID number, and user name.

Program Benefits

  • Visibility – Our industry-leading Data Collection Service (DCS) provides 24 hour complete access to all of your networked printers.
  • Cost Management – Accurately predict your fleet costs. Our exclusive Auto Toner Replenishment System ensures you will not overstock, order the wrong cartridge, need air shipments or next day delivery.
  • Proactive Monitoring  We monitor your fleet for you: Alert you of low toner, auto ship toners and other consumables, and report service errors or necessary proactive repairs.
  • Simplicity – Everything is included: supplies, software and shipping. There are no startup costs.

What is KFS (Kyocera Fleet Services)?

Americom Imaging Systems would like to introduce KFS (Kyocera Fleet Services). KFS is a cloud-based total Device Management solution featuring Remote Fleet Service Maintenance.

KFS has the capability to setup and manage Groups, Users, Devices, and perform remote Device Maintenance. KFS requires no hardware installation because it operates on a secure cloud based platform. A Browser and Internet connection make access to the Service secure and easy.

Traditionally, Service has involved dispatching a Technician to a customer’s location to diagnose and repair a problem, which can be costly and time consuming. With Kyocera Remote Maintenance, solutions and preventative measures can be performed remotely and securely from the Dealer’s location, without sending a Technician. The result will be a reduction of device downtime, increasing customer satisfaction.

Remote Maintenance Features:

  • Snapshots – A System Manager or Technician can obtain Status Pages, Event Log, Fax Reports, Application Status pages, USB Log, etc. remotely.
  • Panel screenshot – A Manager or Technician can remotely capture the device Panel Display to view what the device conditions are at the Customers site.
  • Remote Restart  A Remote Restart Command can be sent to the device to power the device OFF/ON to reset it due to an error, etc.
  • Device settings – Device settings such as Scan basic and Email SMTP can be remotely changed.
  • Maintenance mode – Maintenance mode settings can be viewed and changed remotely, for a Single Device or Multiple Devices of the same model.
  • Panel note – Send a custom notification to display on the device Panel to notify users of maintenance activity.
  • Send file – A User can Send a test file remotely to the device for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Data capture – Data capture receives and encapsulates print jobs and print activity for the device to aid in troubleshooting.
  • Firmware upgrade – Remotely Upgrade single or multiple Device Firmware.

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