What Are Managed Print Services: Managed Print Services in The Digital World

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In today’s digital world it can be easy to forget how much of our in-person business and operations still have a much-needed physical component. Whether it’s proposals needing to be printed and bound, large-scale print materials for trade shows or events, or even the day-to-day printed materials necessary for office operations, print is everywhere.

So when you’re looking for a printing solution that provides you with less work without gouging your bottom line, managed print services give you a unique opportunity to get all the benefits of a personal printing service without any of the hassle of maintenance and management.
But what are Managed Print Services?

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services are a collection of services that surround the management and measurement of your company’s printed materials. Within those services surround all types of supply, installation, maintenance, updating, and replacement of physical printing machines and equipment as well as reporting and measurement of print usage.

Did you know that the majority of companies don’t track specific printing costs and costs of maintaining the machines they operate? That staggering number of businesses have no idea where the majority of their costs go on a monthly basis and that can lead to your basic printing services to bloat and cost them more than they bargained for.

So as we dive into what managed print services are, and how they can improve your bottom line, make sure you’re aware of your business’s use case.

How Can Managed Print Services Help My Business?

At the end of the day managed print services through a managed print provider is about tracking and measuring costs while providing the same great printing, scanning and copying services you need to operate your business.

But how do those managed print services break down? As a provider of managed print services in St. Louis, we’ve seen the majority of services our clients need.

Retail Managed Print Services

Retail services refer to any services that refer to the sale or maintenance of the printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines. We’ll go into each of these in depth so you can be certain of their worth to your bottom line.

Hardware and Print Placement Services

With a managed print services provider you’ll be able to purchase the printers, fax machines, scanners, and copiers that you’ll need to keep your offices moving. We’ll later talk about the needs assessment but if there are any special features or functionality that your staff needs on a daily basis, you will want to bring that to your MPS partner’s attention.

Even better than just purchasing the office equipment is getting it placed and set up. When you partner with a provider of managed print services, you can rest assured that they will work with your IT team to get each machine set up and working for your staff’s use.

Hardware Servicing

While each machine you purchase is guaranteed to be working, things can happen, pieces can break or software can fail. When that happens, you need to rest assured that your managed print services partner can react and provide maintenance. Without that partner, you may be left to repair that equipment or troubleshoot that software all on your own causing unnecessary downtime for your staff.

Partner with a managed print services partner that has a great track record for emergency and rapid response.

Printing Needs Assessment

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best reasons to partner with a managed print services partner is getting a specific and tailored recommendation and assessment for the office and print equipment that your teams need. There are no second-guessing or calculations you’ll need to do on your own, they’ll take care of it for you.

If you’re in the St. Louis area and are looking for managed print services in St. Louis, reach out for a needs assessment today!

Operations Managed Print Services

Operational managed print services are any services that fall outside of purchase or maintenance of the physical office equipment. Many of these services are not offered by every managed print services partner, so make sure to do your due diligence and ask if there is a service that you need below.

Printer Replacement

Sometimes repairing a printer isn’t possible. Either the entire internal mechanisms are damaged or there was a serious internal software issue. With some big box retailers, you may be out of luck and out that money, but with a managed print services provider, you may have an opportunity to get that replaced with no issues besides some small downtime.

Supply Rebuilding Automation

Downtime is the bottom line killer, so you want to be sure that your staff never has downtime due to operational issues like lack of toner. A managed print services partner should guarantee that they can automate deliveries of toner so that replacement can be made easily by your team as they need it.

Support Calls and Assistance

While service calls will most likely be covered, you want a partner who can provide you with general use support if issues arise. Many managed print services partners have regular support lines where your team can speak to equipment specialists on functionality or quick troubleshooting.

Be sure to look for a managed print services partner with quick response times.

Performance Reviews and Usage Reports

One of the biggest benefits are the usage and cost reports that are automated, reviewed and discussed with your team so that you know exactly where your expenses are going each month in your print services. You’ll be able to look forward to no more writing off, no more unpredictable costs.

And So Much More

There are so many more things that managed print services partners can offer like regular, monthly (and predictable) costs, expertise of industry professionals, and the convenience of calling a partner instead of managing any service yourself.

We know what businesses in St. Louis are looking for in a managed print services provider, so reach out; we’re always here to help!

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