How to Choose The Best Cybersecurity Services Company for Your Business Part 1: Cybersecurity Service Levelset

Cybersecurity and data protection is at the top of mind for every company and consumer these days. With the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) coming into enforcement early in 2020, cybersecurity services and protection are no longer in the best interests of the company, instead, users are now directly in control of their information and data security.

In that vein, we wanted to take the month of October to highlight the best way your business can start tackling major issues.

Happy Month from Americom!

As we mentioned, October is Cybersecurity Month and we want to spend time speaking about how you and your company can select the best cybersecurity services company for your industry and, more specifically, your business. In the theme of 2020’s cybersecurity month theme, DO YOUR PART. #BeCyberSmart, we want to help provide you with the knowledge, and tools to take your cybersecurity services partner selection head-on.

Before we dive too far into how to select your ideal cybersecurity company, let’s briefly cover the cybersecurity services you should expect from a cybersecurity services provider.

What are Cybersecurity Services?

In short, cybersecurity services are a collection of services, processes, and protections to help safeguard users, data, networks, and devices from a malicious attack. With the unprecedented amount of data that every company deals with daily, from credit card information to other types of personally identifiable information (PII), our data is at even more risk from attacks from internal and external sources.

Cybersecurity services for business are oftentimes thought of as just firewall or phishing protection services, wherein reality cybersecurity services can refer to any process or measure taken to protect your network. While oftentimes that is true, many times this can include physical or mechanical protections against attacks as well. Security cards and other physical measures like biometric logins do just as much to protect your company as other strictly digital cybersecurity services.

So at the end of the day, what cybersecurity services should your business strive for? 

Types of Cybersecurity Services

As we mentioned there are many specific cybersecurity services that a partner can provide for you, however, there are some service offerings that you should keep at the top of your mind as vitally important to your everyday business operations.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Services

Pronounced “SIM,” SIEM services are a cybersecurity principle of collecting and aggregating a host of potential data sources to track and proactively identify potential security threats. SIEM is a combination of two services that have been collected into one service, Security Information Management and Security Event Management. 

While, traditionally, two separate services, recently SIEM services have provided partners the ability to track and alert their clients and businesses to emerging threats before they can even know they issue occurred. The other half of SIEM services are laying out specific and actionable plans to tackle those potential threats with effective notifications and action-oriented processes.

SIEM services seek to provide companies inundated with potential security threats and data a way to collect, analyze, and act on that data.

Security Ops Center

A security ops center with your potential partner is the best way your partners can show you that their offering is proactive and strategic. Through the security ops center, you’re assured that your partner is constantly vigilant for potential threats and has the tools and resources to mobilize specialists to tackle potential issues.

While this is oftentimes the most overlooked aspect of a potential partner, it truly sets a true cybersecurity service partner apart from their competition.

Immediate Incidence Response

A Partner’s response rate is one of the biggest factors we see company’s missing out on with their potential partners. Whether it’s weeks, days, or even hours, the worst thing we see is the lack of timely and actionable response from a cybersecurity partner. 

When your network is actively under attack or an employee is having an active issue, you need to know that your cybersecurity partner is there to immediately respond to your inquiries and provide your leadership with an action plan to move forward.

Security Analysis

Security analysis services are the cybersecurity prevention and measurement services that take place before you even begin with any other measures. A cybersecurity partner that has a security analyst on staff assures you that they are going to comprehensively audit your existing cybersecurity offerings to your consumers or employees and provide a detailed action plan to bring you a safer and more secure environment.

Security analysis services take a look at every aspect of your existing cybersecurity environment from authentication systems (both physical and digital), server-side protection and firewalls, as well as any other environmental inputs and provide you with the tactical plan to improve them.

Threat Hunting

Being proactive about your security needs helps your employees act with the peace of mind that no matter what comes, they’ll be protected. A cybersecurity service partner who is proactively assessing incoming threats and notifying you before they happen is incredibly valuable. 

While some of these services can fall under SIEM services, threat hunting does provide an active threat detection instead of relying on only data-driven or automated systems.

Why Your Company Needs Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services are no longer a “value-add” for any company. They are now a necessity. Cybersecurity services offer you and your leadership the peace of mind that no matter what malicious entity sets its sights on your network, data, or devices, you’ll be ready.

Ready to Partner With the Best Cybersecurity Company in St. Louis?

If you’re ready to take cybersecurity services seriously, Americom can help! We’re a St. Louis-based Managed IT Service Provider and Managed Security Service Provider who invests in our local and regional companies to provide the best service possible. With Americom, you’ll always feel safe, secured, and empowered to take on whatever your industry can throw at you. Contact us today for more information on how you can get started!