How to Choose The Best Cybersecurity Company for Your Business Part 2: How to Pick the Best Cybersecurity Service Provider

The Top Five Ways to Pick the Best Cybersecurity Company for Your Business

So now that we’ve covered the major services you should look out for during your cybersecurity service partner selection, what are the non-service based reasons you should select a partner?

Specializes in Your Industries Security Needs

Every industry, without fail, has its own data protection and security challenges. Whether it’s HIPAA compliance in healthcare or payment processing and purchasing information protection in retail, the best cybersecurity service partner for you will have specific experience providing those cybersecurity services to your industry.

Forefront with Their Cybersecurity Service Partners

Every cybersecurity service partner has service partners themselves that allow them to provide cutting edge services to you. A proper partner will be forefront with these partnerships and let you know from day one that they only provide the best. Don’t be afraid to ask for their technology partners and their track records.

Doesn’t Act Reactionary to Your Security Incidents

The last thing you want is a cybersecurity service partner with an average response time of a day or more. When a threat or incident occurs you want to know that you’re covered immediately. While proactive detection is great, when you come to your future partner with a problem, you want to know that they can respond promptly and effectively.

Keeps Communication Lines Open

The worst thing we hear from a lot of our business partners and clients is “Well I pay them but I don’t really know what they’re doing for me” or “I see them once a quarter with some report but that’s it.” When it comes to your cybersecurity service partner you need an active partner who is constantly updating you on potential threats or industry advancements.

Locally-Based, Locally-Focused, and Globally-Powered

Each industry has its own challenges and so does each geographic region. If your business is located near a major traffic center, did you know you may be more susceptible to cybersecurity threats? When selecting a cybersecurity service partner you’ll want to know what they’re track record is with businesses in your area.

Why Your Company Needs Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services are no longer a “value-add” for any company. They are now a necessity. Cybersecurity services offer you and your leadership the peace of mind that no matter what malicious entity sets its sights on your network, data, or devices, you’ll be ready.

Ready to Partner With the Best Cybersecurity Company in St. Louis?

If you’re ready to take cybersecurity services seriously, Americom can help! We’re a St. Louis-based Managed IT Service Provider and Managed Security Service Provider who invests in our local and regional companies to provide the best service possible. With Americom, you’ll always feel safe, secured, and empowered to take on whatever your industry can throw at you. Contact us today for more information on how you can get started!