Embracing the Cloud is No Longer an Option

By August 19, 2020Managed IT Services

In today’s fast-paced, digital environment, empowering your employees to tackle their daily tasks without adding barriers or roadblocks allows your teams to work effectively and move your business forward. And with this fast-paced environment, nothing empowers your employees better than Cloud IT Services. Cloud IT Services truly provide your employees with all the tools they need to be effective at work.

But what types of Cloud IT services should you be providing to your employees?

What Are Cloud IT Services?

Before we dive in head-first to the cloud IT services that you need to be providing to your employees, what are Cloud IT Services? 

Cloud IT Services is somewhat of a blanket term for any services provided over the internet without the need for infrastructure or hardware. While this term can be a sort of catch-all, there are some widely-used services that fit the bill for these.

Cloud IT Services at their base are any service provided to your company while the administration (outside of common user access and roles), hardware implementation, and maintenance are handled by another partner. Most of these services are offered remotely in order to provide services that can be modified, scaled or customized to fit your cloud IT services needs. Email services, document sharing and collaboration platforms, and specialty platform access are all utilized by many employees without even realizing it.

Benefits of Cloud IT Services

Cloud IT services provide your company with some incredible benefits if they’re implemented properly. 


Because the services are maintained and managed by another company at their facilities, there is never a need for you to invest your resources in constantly finding new hardware, implementing the changes, or performing maintenance. This ability allows you to scale up or scale down based on your company’s growth or even seasonality needs based on your industry.

With the correct partner you can ensure that no matter how your business ebbs and flows, you’ll have the ability to keep your employees covered.


Paired with the scalability, cloud IT services offer increased flexibility if you select the correct partner. At the end of the day, cloud IT services are on-demand so whenever you’re in need of additional services. Whether it’s new licenses for creative platforms like photoshop when you hire a new employee or new storage servers for your digital collaboration tools on your file server, you never need to worry about having the tools you need.

Low Hardware Investments

This may seem like an obvious one, but it cannot be understated. Because the hardware of your cloud IT services is not housed at your facilities, each time that you need to expand storage or capabilities, you’ll never have to invest in hardware or manage maintenance. While you may face some setup or modification fees, they are far, far cheaper than vetting new hardware, purchasing that hardware then hiring team members to implement. 

At the end of the day, cloud IT services provide you with the ability to scale without having to invest in costly hardware.

What are the Types of Cloud IT Services?

There are three major types of cloud IT services: SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Each of these covers the different types of services and the best strategy comes when combining different parts of each of these platforms.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud IT Services

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud IT Services is any service that offers online or internet connection-based platforms without the need for local installs or licenses. The most common types of these services are online development platforms that provide everything a developer would need to create websites or mobile apps. These are most commonly combined with the next offering on our list, Infrastructure as a service.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud IT Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud IT Services are the least commonly used services but can be some of the most crucial services for larger companies especially focused on web development or product development. IaaS is providing advanced server and data center support for large companies that need digital storage through something like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or advanced database management for CRMs or other needs.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Cloud IT Services

The most common type of cloud IT services, SaaS is any service that provides a service to your employees. Email, security services, file storage and backup, collaboration, and even remote IT services all fall under this bucket of services. This will most likely be the type of services that your cloud IT service partner will enroll you into.

Now that we have an understanding of the types of services that are available to you, what are the best services you should be providing to your employees?

The Top Five Cloud IT Services You Need to Provide To Your Employees

As we mentioned earlier, providing your employees with cloud IT solutions and services is no longer an option. Employees these days expect you to provide all the tools they need to excel, and if they don’t have those tools, they may look elsewhere. So what are the top five cloud IT services you should provide to your employees?

Base Must Have Communication IT Services

While these are not one service, they are the bare minimum that you need to provide to your users. Phone (with VOIP support), email, and chat allow your employees to stay connected 24/7. No company can accel without secure, reliable communication services.

Another service easily overlooked is video conferencing software. Becoming incredibly relevant if your teams deal with vendors, clients or external parties, they need reliable video call software in order to keep their communication lines open.

Multi-Factor Authentication and Security Services

Security is at the top of everyone’s mind in today’s market. It’s almost every day that you hear about another data hack or leak, so keeping your employees covered and educated is important. Security offerings (especially those that include multi-factor authentication almost guarantee that your employees will never face a security issue.

Paired with a solid security strategy, your team can rest assured that a good security partner should provide education around spam and phishing for your employees.

File-sharing and Cloud Storage Services

Connecting your employees and allowing them to collaborate on the same documents in real-time grants the ability for quick, easy edits to important documents without any communication over email. Providing file-share and cloud storage services can guarantee that no matter what, your employees will have access to the files they need.

SaaS Platform Cloud Services

Depending on your business or industry, we can almost guarantee your employees have a crucial piece of creative or administrative software that they need to accomplish their tasks. So when you’re looking for a cloud IT service partner, ensure you’re covered for your essential needs by bringing those to the table early. The worst-case scenario would entail entering into a new partnership and realizing that they don’t support a product you need.

One of the SaaS cloud IT services we get few, but crucial requests for are creative services like photoshop or illustrator from the adobe suite. 

Cloud IT Support Services

Cloud IT support services are becoming an increasingly powerful tool in your back pocket. While it is common for large companies to provide internal IT support for computers and software, we find that during off-hours or in crucial moments, most internal IT can come up short. 

Cloud IT Support services and solutions give your employees 24/7 access to a dedicated IT professional to help them work through their issues.

Cloud IT Services ARE for Everyone

While each company has different needs and objectives, one thing remains constant: the need for a reliable and professional Cloud IT Services partner. While it’s important to find a partner who puts your needs first, it’s even more vital that you understand what cloud IT services are and what baseline service you need to be offering your employees.

Want to take the Leap Into Cloud IT Services?

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