Business Changes

By March 30, 2020Business

Small to medium sized business owners have just been exposed to one of the biggest disruptions in business operations they have ever seen.  The risk takers who tried new ideas and challenged old methods were ahead of a large curve. 

What business’ have learned in a very short time is that leveraging new technologies within the office can keep their team working, dramatically increase efficiency, and reduce risk.  For instance, using Zoom, LogMeIn, Teams and the various other connectivity tools has allowed remote workers to stay functional and continue some level of business operations.  It has also highlighted for many that they put off making changes and have held on to old methods and ideas allowing their competition to thrive during adversity.  Why did they wait?

Owners and team members who avoid using new tools say they “know what works” and don’t see the need to change.  The truth is that your competition adopted it and has a decided advantage communicating to their team and streamlining their processes.  The return on the investment comes full circle when the cost of doing business dramatically drops and the savings allow the potential to steal your clients.  The mindset of don’t change for the sake of change is not just “old-fashioned” it holds the potential of putting your company at risk of not being ‘relevant’.

You can name business’ who have not changed or decided that what they know is best and no longer open or in the process of a slow painful going out of business model.  The disruption in every industry starts with someone asking, “Why can’t we do this differently?”  That one question is the reason we have subscription services to razors, clothing, golf equipment, etc.  The list becomes endless.  My personal experience was from my doctor who didn’t want to adopt telemedicine for well visits.  Almost 3 weeks ago their business model was turned upside down when the Covid19 shut down face to face meetings and made them embrace some level of technology. 

More than collaboration tools, leveraging technology can be used in almost every part of your business.  Finding software applications that streamline workflow, digitize documents or help mobile employees; the list of opportunities can be endless so you have to start with knowing what 2 or 3 areas in your business need more consistency and what possible technology could be used to help with those.  Then it becomes a matter of research, finding a trusted advisor, planning the implementation and building a training schedule.  Without training the new tools will not be as effective.  The trusted advisor will be a critical part in the success of your company training.    

Technology will keep your company relevant and allow you to recruit and retain better employees.  Technology moves at such a fast pace that it is impossible to stay up with all the changes, however those who want to stay on the leading edge will find decisive advantages to their competitors.  As I have heard it stated in the past: “Technology is automated teamwork”.  My goal is to encourage you to reach out to Americom and schedule a discussion on how our team can help you leverage some simple tools now and in the future.