Sell More Vehicles & Make More Money

Since you landed on this page, it would only make sense that you own or work at an auto dealership that is looking for ways to leverage technology to help sell more cars, make more money, and streamline processes.  Good news… You came to the right place.  We help numerous dealerships across the midwest utilize print technology, document management solutions, and managed services to increase profitability every day, and we can help you too!   

Sell More Vehicles, More Profitably

Increase The Speed of the F&I Process

Stay Compliant With Government Regulations

Internally Produce and Archive Data

Why Americom?

We have implemented strategies that allow for additional profit for many dealerships for each sale, lease, and vehicle serviced by identifying business outcomes that drive digital transformation by better utilizing new and current technology assets. We can identify automation opportunities when your team must create, compliantly archive or access: bills of sale, terms, black or blue book values, credit reports, NADA’s, RO’s, or copies of licenses, insurance, or registrations. of the data and documents that your team deals with on a daily basis can cost you less and be made more efficient for your employees.  

It Doesn't Stop There...

Auto Dealerships who utilize our Managed Services, they are entrusting their IT operations to us. In this role, Americom takes on 24/7 responsibility for managing, monitoring and safeguarding dealership’s infrastructure. This allows employees of the business to focus more fully on the core competencies that drive the success of the dealership and selling more cars! 

“Hiring a company like Americom is probably too expensive for my dealership?”

We hear this all the time, and it’s actually not true at all. In fact, for smaller dealerships, our services can sometimes be cheaper than the cost of minimum wage employee. Our pricing increases based on the size of your dealership, but you never have to worry about paying for things like payroll taxes, benefits, overtime, or other expenses connected with hiring support internally. We also bring the hardware, software, and skills to manage it all!

Document Management
By bringing your document management system into the digital age, you are giving your dealership and employees a number of productivity enhancing tools that will allow them to get more out of every task, every day.
Managed Print Services
We see dealerships all the time that have NO IDEA how large of an impact that unmanaged printing can have not only on productivity, but also on their bottom line. With Managed Print Services, dealerships can identify problem areas in their existing printing process, gain visibility of printing usage throughout the organization and create an action plan that will help reduce printing expenditures by up to 30%.

Introducing Our GateKeeper Assessment

Americom offers fully customized, end-to-end IT solutions. It all starts with an in-depth network infrastructure assessment. The results of this assessment allow us to provide tailored recommendations for your dealership. 

Let's Find Out How We Can Help You

There is no obligation attached to an initial exploratory call to discuss how we can be of assistance to your dealership.  Feel free to fill out the information below and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.