6 VOIP Services You Need For Your St. Louis Area Business

By January 10, 2021Managed IT Services

In today’s fast-paced and mobile-first world, it’s important to empower your team with the tools they need to maximize their potential to affect the bottom line. Now more than ever, those tools to empower revolve entirely around connecting with your potential customers. And each day, that power to connect is becoming more and more important, no matter where your employees need to work from.

Sometimes the best, and only solution for connectivity and availability, is investing in a VOIP telecom solution that allows your employees to work from anywhere, anytime with no loss in functionality to their in-office solutions.before we jump too far into why you need to offer VOIP telecom services, let’s level-set and go over the VOIP telecom services that you need to be considering in your next, or evaluating your current, VOIP telecom service.

What Are VOIP Telecom Services?

At their base, Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VOIP telecom services are services that provide voice and communication solutions through the internet instead of through traditional phone lines. While there are other services that can help capitalize on that internet connection, the base services are providing phone, voicemail and some conferencing services.

What VOIP Telecom Services Should You Get For Your Team?

Let’s dive right in! With VOIP telecom services on the top of your mind, let’s jump into our top five VOIP telecom services you need to offer to your team, no matter the VOIP telecom service provider you choose.

Call, Hold, and Voicemail Services at a Minimum

We mentioned these earlier, but these are the base services that should be provided with each VOIP telecom service contract you receive. These services will allow your employees to make calls, receive calls, and log voicemail messages if calls to them are missed. These are the base functions necessary to do business, so they will, and should be included whenever possible. Additional, value-add features you should watch out for are:

  • Voice recordings
  • Speech to text for voicemails
  • Speakerphone
  • Extension Dialing
  • On-Hook Dialing
  • Page all Phones
  • Call History
  • Call Park
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Flip, just to name a few!

The important tip we have for you: if there’s functionality your sales or marketing team needs, or uses on a regular basis, make sure you enquire after that functionality during your vetting period.

Conference and Call Merging Services

If your team routinely holds important sales calls or digital webinars, hosting multiple users on the same phone call is paramount. Being able to call multiple users or host multiple users from a variety of locations will allow them to connect with external customers or internal team members across borders.

Email and SMS Notifications for Missed or Incoming Calls

One of the most beneficial features of an internet-connected phone system is the ability to prompt your employees when they’re getting a call to their assigned number. This functionality is incredibly helpful for your team members to be aware of calls coming into their system without the need for ringers of noisy notifications.

Bonus points to systems that send your team email notifications of missed calls with the voicemails attached!

Auto-Call Answering and Auto Attendants

If you’re a larger enterprise or an enterprise that is fairly dispersed in their verticals within the company, it’s important for the calls coming in to get where they need to go. Auto-responders and auto-attendants are great features for a VOIP telecom service because they will more than likely offer a responder that will offer a way to direct calls.

Custom Hold and Greeting Recordings

While this may appear to be a simple, superficial feature, a custom greeting when a customer calls in can really set a great tone for the service your company is going to provide. A nice, welcoming tone can help alleviate any hold times or transfer requests while giving them important information on the services they’re receiving.

Desktop and Mobile App Functionality

While the notifications were an important feature, the ability to access their phones through their desktop or mobile devices will allow them to truly work from anywhere. Being able to leverage contact lists, call histories, and even make calls through their desktop computer, laptop, or even their mobile device in the field provides no need for costly work cell phones or internal phone systems.

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